Sampoorna Agriculture students grow HYDROPHONIC Fodder

India needs Agricultural reforms and we at Sampoorna Group of Institutions train our Agriculture students in the latest methods of Agriculture. HYDROPHONIC Fodder cultivation is our latest addition to practical training because *Superior nutrition and hydration * No fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides * Low water consumption; ideal for drought areas * Most economically feasible for grass-fed milk production, organic-certified operations, and areas where sufficient and consistent pasture production is limited, hay is scarce or expensive, and for drought-prone areas.

Automatic Seed Dispenser – Economical

Students in the campus are given Holistic approached Balanced Education, CONDUCTION & PARTICIPATION IN SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS/EVENTS. Students are nurtured to publish paper by our distinguished professors. Our Professors are equally engaged in TEACHING, EXTENTION & RESEARCH Involved in publication and research CONDCUTION OF SEMINARS PAPER PRESENTATION BY STUDETNS: