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Discover the Living AND learning Experiance at Sampoorna !

If you tend to be friends with people of different ages, backgrounds and interests; or you’ve always been told how independent you are; or you’re eager to try something new, you just might be the perfect Sampurna boarding candidate

Welcome to Residential Life! Choosing to live on campus comes with many benefits — such as living in an academically-supported environment, the ability to stay connected to campus through activities that foster educational, social, and leadership development and engaging with students from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles.

Residential Life offers a living and learning environment, committed to the academic success and personal growth of our residents. Students can choose to live as weekly boarders and residential boarders on an academic theme housing floor — where students are clustered by making it easy to form study groups and make friends. We also offer quiet floors, which offer an optimal environment for studying.

  • Our friendly and supportive hall staff is available 24 hours a day to provide guidance as well as educational and social programming for residents.

  • For Engineering Students who opt for residential will get extra industrial training and will immediately get placed after four years of course completion.

  • Living on campus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being close to classroom buildings, library, the Student Recreation Center, and easy access to dining halls and a wide array of social and athletic activities. Other proposed facilities such as swimming pool, horse riding, amphitheater, gym and many more.

  • Agricultural being a residential Program, where the students are well disciplined by their Morning Exercise’s and Yoga. Then they spent their Happy Morning Hours with plants and crops grown from them to learn more about its needs by observation/feeding/treating. This makes them to understand the importance of Soil Fertility/Entomology/Pathology/Physiology/Genetics & Plant Breeding, overall Agronomy. In four years Agri Students acquires Experimental knowledge to become True Agri Graduates well being placed during their internships or become Agri Entrepreneurs.


Accommodation for boys and girls are provided separately with all modern amenities

Hostel rules have been framed keeping in mind the local culture and traditions, with a view to guide and help students to attain standards of implacable conduct. Therefore, while residents enjoy the maximum freedom, it is ensured that this is always within the framework of standard guidelines and procedures.

Types Of Accommodation

  • Double Occupancy

  • Triple Occupancy

  • Four sharing with common toilets.


Security, CCTV & Wardens

24/7 security guards, Student friendly wardens & Cctv cameras

Hi Tech Kitchen

Hi tech kitchen, with modern equipments

Furnished Rooms

Semi furnished well maintained rooms

Gym & Sports Facility

High class Gym facility and outdoor and indoor sports facility

Extended Library Facilities

Extended library facilities till 12:00am during examination


Transportation is provided for Engineering and MBA students from Mysore , Mandya , Maddur , Channapattana , Ramnagara and Bengaluru.